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AI for Airline Operations.

Intelligent, cloud based solutions, to improve operations. Contact Us


We provide artificial intelligence solutions, to help you improve operations.

OCC Recovery.

Real time recovery from disruptions rearranging flights, aircrafts, crews and passangers.

Network robustness optimizer

Network optimization to be prepared for future disruptions.

Risk Assessment

Detect vulnerable resources in your operations plan.

We are CLOUD

All our solutions are SaaS.


As easy as:

Your Business Logic

Choose the solution that works for your exact needs.

We customize , execute, maintain and evolve the system.

Pay as You Go

Pay as you are experience the results of the system.


Improve your revenues with big advantages.

No up-front investment

Pay as you get results and benefit from the latest in Big Data and Machine Learning without big new investments in technical capabilities.

No technological worries

We provide a business solution that suits your needs. You don’t need to worry about the technology behind the scenes.

No need for Technical Experts

We use our expertise in Data Science to create solutions that are ready for business users, sparing you the need to master extra skills.

Seamless Integration

All our solutions work with traditional and Big Data systems. BIGBLUE interacts perfectly with your existing technology and providers.


Our trilogy guarantees the best performance.


We leverage all our experience with Big Data, Analytics and Cloud services to provide the most reliable solutions.


Our experience in the travel industry enables us to address your real problems.

With years of work in artificial intelligence, we can help you profit from the huge potential of this fast evolving field.


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